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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the crown vic exploded into flames and proctor died at the scene. >> what we believe is that the crown victoria may have been engaged in some sort of speed contest with another vehicle just prior to striking the honda civic. >> reporter: it's a familiar problem on this dead stretch highway. december of 2008, eight spectators were killed when a pair of cars plowed through a crowd watch illegal drag races. police cracked down. but have not eliminated the need for speed here. >> we're looking for anyone who may have information on what that other vehicle might have been. anyone who might have seen something. >> reporter: now prince george's county police are searching for a mystery driver, possibly the car proctor is suspected of racing last night. he has a long criminal history including dozens of traffic charges, driving on suspended licenses, no registration cards and just eight months ago, he pled guilty to driving while
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impaired. he got a slap on the wrist. probation before judgment. in accokeek, scott broom, 9news now. >> the other car investigators think was racing is described as a large older model sedan. well, tonight bowie state university student is dead and her roommate is charged with the murder and now we're learning from the documents that the violence stems from an argument over an ipod. andrea mccarren reports from bowie. >> reporter: students and staff here an the bowie state campus are in shock and mourning. the two women didn't select each other as roommates, they were assigned. >> when i heard it i was like no. >> reporter: dominique frazier's 18 years of life ended in a pool of blood in a hallway of her campus dormitory. her roommate, 19-year-old alexis simpson, is now charged with her murder. >> it's a very shocking -- i can't believe it happened still. >> reporter: maryland state police charging documents reveal that ironically, the two
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roommates were getting ready to attend a comedy show with some friends. frazier's ipod was playing music, simpson turned it off and refused to turn it back on when others asked. >> life is too short for that like it's just like -- an ipod is not that serious. not for somebody to lose their life over. it's not. >> reporter: according to police, that was allegedly enough to prompt simpson to grab a knife. plunge it into frazier's neck killing her. later saying quote i didn't mean to do it. you all don't know what i've been through. you all jumped me. >> i'm just really shocked that like something like this would happen over stuff that could have been reinvolved in a completely different way. >> reporter: simpson was a transfer student from clark unit in atlanta -- university in atlanta. sources say one of the women in the suite had already initiated the prose of moving out. in bowie, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> the ironic thing is this is homecoming weekend at bowie
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state. normally everyone would be celebrating, students alumni. however the events planned for tonight will go on as will tomorrow's football game at 1:00. new at 6:00, we're hearing of another sexual assault near the university of maryland. this one happened along college avenue in college park last friday morning. a woman and her boyfriend were sleeping in their bed when the woman awoke to find another man in bed touching her. she alerted her boyfriend and that unknown man got out of there. they say it happened the same day a student reported being assaulted in the leonard town high-rise apartments. this is surveillance video of a possible suspect running away from the scene. it is not known if the two cases are related but if you do have any information, police say please call them in prince george's county. medical marijuana is merely months away from coming to the district. today was supposed to be the deadline to apply for a license but now it's been extended
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until september 30th. but we wanted to know, how's the program going to work? where will the shops be located and how will it affect the community? delia goncalves is live in northeast with the answers. the delia? >> reporter: anita, you know industrial areas like this warehouse district here in northeast prime location for these shops which by law cannot set up in a residential neighborhood. so to get the answers to the questions that we wanted to know, we went straight to the players. >> we going to be monitoring like hawks. >> reporter: that's exactly what many skeptics of medical marijuana want to hear. everything from police approved security procedures to community outreach and education plans are carefully scrutinized. >> it's not like the doors open like a cvs. it's going to be secured. >> reporter: d. c. native is hoping to open a cultivation shop where legally she can grow up to95 marijuana plants. >> that's the plain concern on
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the streets. >> reporter: cultivation shops sell directly to the dispensaries who must show a photo id to receive their allotment of 2 ounces a month. >> you need of the either hiv/aids and you need to be going through chemotherapy. >> reporter: alex's mother died of cancer seven years ago. he hoped to bring the franchise we grow to d. c.. >> we have no interest in selling the paraphernalia that you can get almost anywhere else. we are really interested in again the best practices of the caretakers. the patients. >> reporter: and it is the patient who stands to benefit the most from medical marijuana. if insurance covers it. >> it's too early to tell what insurance companies will do until we approve the program. the second part of it is we don't know what the price is going to be. >> reporter: here's what we do know. there will be 10 cultivation shops. five dispensaries located throughout the district of columbia. but the doctor says we may see
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them open their doors as soon as march. anita? president obama went back to class today in alexandria where he toured a classroom at thomas jefferson high school taking a look at the inventions the students are working on. that included a moving robot and a motorized wheelchair that responds to brain waves. the president says there needs to be a greater focus on students pursuing careers in math and science and engineering to keep america competitive in the global marketplace. >> if we're going to create jobs now and in the futurement we're going to have to outbuild and outeducate and outinnovate every country on earth. we have a lot of competition out there. >> the president will deliver his annual back to school speech september 28th right here in d. c. meantime a new cbs news poll finds that voters are just plain fed up with congress. in fact, just 12% of the nearly
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1500 people asked say they approve of the job their lawmakers are doing on capitol hill. 72% disapprove of the job republicans are doing and 63% disapprove of the job democrats are doing. >> i think there's too much posturing sometimes where they're just trying to look good and make a name for themselves. >> they need to compromise and they need to work with the president and they need to work with congress and not just be hard headed. >> as you might imagine all the ill will could mean big changes come election day. a whopping 84% of those asked say most members of congress don't deserve to be on capitol hill in the first place. well ladies, i'm going the step away now. i have to work on 9news now at 7:00. our only local news at 7:00 and at that time there's a new children's book out there making a commotion, it's called "maggie goes on a diet." yeah, you can imagine controversial. we'll get to it 7:00. still to come now on 9news now,
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from parking to a park we'll take you to international parking day. topper? if you thought it was chilly this morning you were correct. the coldest day since may 13th. here's the high and low. well below the averages, 66 and 49 goes in the books at national. 96 and 44 are the records. we have a surplus for the month and the year. we'll come back and talk about the forecast for the weekend. we have a lot of things going on. the fair, the games, we'll wrap it up. but first, crossing closingwork going to tell you which omit -- we're going to tell you which potomac bridge will be shut down in less than two hours, that's coming up next.
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back now with commuter alert that could impact how you cross the potomac this weekend. the bridge will close tonight
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at 8:00 so crews can do repairs underneath the span. it should be back open monday at 5:00 a.m. on metro, some work on the yellow line. crews are going to inspect the bridge over the potomac between the pentagon and the plaza stations this weekend. so it means that yellow line trains are going to follow the blue line route instead. and then work on the blue, orange and red lines also means trains will be single tracking between some stations. here's the bottom line -- leave yourself plenty of time this weekend. >> absolutely. the federal emergency management agency or fema is making federal aid available for much of maryland after this. recovery after hurricane irene. the aid will help folks in several counties that were hit hardest including calvert. hartford and st. mary's. lesli? all right, still ahead, it is party time. we're going to take you to today's celebration at the national zoo. up next.
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back now with a look at what's trending at people are logging on to find out more about the murder of a student at bowie state university. they're also looking at pictures after a car rammed into an apartment building in arlington. and then there's today's birthday celebration at the national zoo. i'm lindsey mastis at the national zoo. the lion cubs are getting older and they're turning 1. they are younger than most of the kids here but they're bigger. >> they're like so cute when they're babies. >> reporter: for lion cubs turning 1 is a big deal. >> because their wild cousins have a pretty slim chance of making it to their first birthday, they're pretty much all fighting over the same object that they want and this might be what you would hear at a kill. in the wild. >> reporter: they are wild animals and although we might consider them to be young, they are old enough to leave home and start families of their
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own. this will likely be the last birthday they celebrate together. >> humans don't do that and it's kind of scary when you go out on your own. >> reporter: they'll be sent to zoos around the country perhaps around the world but they'll always share this memory. now if you have a cat at home it probably doesn't need as much food as a lion, but before you prepare the next snack, here's a list of five things the site web md says to never feed your cat. first, tuna, it might be tempting but it doesn't have the nutrients your kitty needs. next, milk. cats actually don't process dairy foods well and that can upset their tummies. also on the list -- and lastly, dog food. but if you're in a pinch, don't worry about it. still, using the same food for your dog and your cat could leave your cat malnourished. now you know.
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>> now i know. okay. i'm out here on the weather terrace a little chilly but still a beautiful fall feeling day outside. and the cool air didn't stop folks from celebrating international parking day. yep, in the district, that means converting some of the parking places outside the wilson building into their own park. and folks who came to spend some time on the temporary grass were treated to a cookout. what a great idea. >> it's a way just to get people's imaginations going thinking about what the urban area can be like and so it's really a pop-up park and so using the idea of a pop-up park space is the way to get people you know, excited when they walk downtown. >> similar parking parks did pop-up in arlington and silver spring today. now you want something to do this weekend? check out the h street festival in d. c.. they want you to stop by. there's going to be live music on four stages, fashion shows, patio cafes and plus activities for the kids. talk about a packed weekend. >> kids' zones in the 800 and
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900 block with lots of activities, performances and talent shows for kids in the neighborhood. >> all right, this looks like a great weekend for all of these kind of activities, what do you think top? how are we going to do? it will be okay. there will be some clouds like tomorrow and tomorrow and maybe a couple of sprinkles. the fair off leesburg pike. the 42nd annual. 10:00 to 5:00, rain or shine. >> fall really is festival time. i love it. >> it's a great event. go to the website and go to the forecast page and get a link to the blue mont fair. let's talk about temperatures because you're right anita, it's kind of cool out here. it should be 78. 79 but it's in the 60s, we'll take it for now. it's not crazy cool. temperatures low 60s pretty much across the board. we got 63 out in leesburg and it's a great event with the fair. and generally temperatures low 60s pretty much across the board. which is actually kind of nice if you're headed out even
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though you see a lot of clouds, don't worry. don't take the umbrella this evening. 64 in college park and 62 in beltsville. satellite and radar combined. we see quite a bit of shower activity in parts of the midwest. because really for the most part, there's a big dome of high pressure. of canadian high pressure that brought in the chilly air today and we'll keep this for the most part in pretty good shape for the weekend. but there will be periods of clouds tomorrow and a couple of showers, just a period of clouds tonight. so weekend okay, chilly again tonight. a chilly start again tomorrow. need the sweater, terps game, maybe a sprinkle. not a big deal. redskins games okay. for tonight we will say partly to mostly cloudy. rather chilly again. 45 to 55 with light winds. inside the beltway tonight. we're talking low to mid- 50s and maybe 54 in arlington and springfield. but 47 in rockville and 46 in gaithersburg and 48 in fairfax and 47 out in bowie. so terps game. fine, partly sunny. little bit cool. maybe a shower or sprinkle.
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temperatures 65 to about 70 and winds light. now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy with a chilly start. sweater a good idea. 40s and 50s out early and by afternoon we'll say partly sunny. cool a shower or sprinkle possible and high temperatures near 70. for the redskin game, temperatures generally 68 to 73 and partly sunny and cool. but if you're in the sun at fedex it's going to be kind of toasty. again 72 on sunday. gorgeous on monday. 74. the next seven days? temps are going up now. heck by monday the mid 70s and by wednesday we should make it into the 80s and a couple of showers possible late tuesday into wednesday. fall officially arrives next week and it kind of rolled in last night. >> we're kind of doing the fall foliage thing. >> fall didn't get the memo. >> he wants summer to stay around for a bit longer. the redskins have holding on, they've made improvements in their offense.
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>> so far promising things out there on the fold. hopefully see that continue this weekend. they have a chance to start the season 2-0 in a dangerous pairing is forming on the offense that could help get them there. plus with two of the top receivers suspended the terps have to do some roster shuffling this weekend. those and more coming up next in sports.
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pro football players have to adopt the mantra next man up. always be ready to play in case of an injury. for tight end fred davis, he's always been in the shadows of pro bowler chris cooley. he took a backseat last season but he was determined this season. he arrived at training camp lighter and fitter and that all paid off this week against the
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giants where davis recorded his first 100-yard game of his pro career. you pair him with cooley coming back from the knee injury and these guys can be a dangerous combination for opponents. >> to have guys that can make plays on offense is what makes you a good offense. so for both of us to be in the game is going to be huge. having two tight ends gives us a huge advantage because we can do -- we can do both facets of the game in terms of running the ball well and passing the ball and i think it creates mismatches for defenses. landry and orakpo says the injuries are feeling better but both are still questionable for sunday's game. speaking of next man up, the terrapins' receiving core has to do just that this weekend if they want a chance at knocking off 18th ranked west virginia. that's because two of the top guys have been suspended indefinitely. the terms announced yesterday that tyler and mccree violated
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team rules. tyler who scored that touchdown in their win other miami was arrested thursday night for second degree assault. now quarterback danny o brian says it's time for the other guys to step up big. >> we have a lot of guys that could embrace that role, several of them but you know, just the way this offense is it gives you the opportunity to get the ball to a lot of guys in space. it depends as the season goes on. time now to announce the game of the week. to prince william county for a showdown with stone wall jackson and osborne park. they lead the coverage from these games around the area. finally tonight, ballpark food isn't easy on the wallet and talk about being good at your job. here's a fly ball pop-up behind home. everyone is going for the ball but the waitress doesn't drop a single fry. not a fry. not a -- >> she ducks but she got it.
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>> look at the tray, everything is still there. >> don't you think? >> you think hopefully she got some big tips for that one because everybody got the food on time. >> that's it for us, the cbs "evening news" is next. >> that's right and then derek is back with our area's only local newscast at 7:00. >> have a great weekend. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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>> pelley: tonight, rarely have we seen voters so


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